Avoiding the Holiday Relapse

Avoiding the Holiday Relapse

Bright lights on houses, cold air and abundant parties. Another holiday season is underway and for those in recovery, it is a time to be extra diligent. Avoiding a relapse is much easier if you prepare properly.

Family time or lack of family can be stressful. If you are going to family gatherings, choose your company carefully. You are not obligated to sit and chat with family members who are going to pester you about your recovery. Simply avoid them or deflect the questions and move on.  Equally difficult is the family member who insists on making you their special drink or tries to convince you that a little won’t hurt. Have prepared answers to questions you anticipate and feel free to leave when you so desire.

If you feel alone during the holidays, it’s a good time to lean on your support network. Go to meetings or call on friends you trust. You can also volunteer to help people in need. Offer to help at a facility for people with special needs or visit someone who is homebound and alone. Serving others always brings a sense of satisfaction.

Driving yourself to events lets you control when you leave. If you can’t drive, have an exit plan so that you are not trapped in an uncomfortable situation. Plan each day or even each event so that you feel in control. Like always, it’s one step, one day at a time.

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